We are an organisation made up from people who come together to meet their housing needs under co-operative principles.

About us

Imani Housing Co-operative’s aims and objectives are :- To provide good quality permanent housing primarily for the African
and Caribbean Community members in Wandsworth.

To aim our housing provision at; the elderly, single parents, homeless families and
single people from this constituent group.

To facilitate the fullest participation by our members in the management of the Co-operative’s affairs
and to provide them with the opportunity to develop their potential and relevant skills through effective educational
and training facilities or via other support networks.

To promote good relationships and work in partnership with relevant external bodies and
other Social Housing Organisations to advocate, secure and access resources to improve the quality
of life for Imani Housing Co op members in particular and the wider African and Caribbean in community in general.


Originally registered as Amilcar Cabral Housing Cooperative in 1985, named after Amilcar Cabral leader of the independent movement in Guinea Bissau, in West Africa assassinated in 1973 by Colonial Agents. Founder members were encouraged to change the name of the organisation because of its political connotations to Imani Housing Coop by advisors as they felt the name could impact on whether or not the organisation achieved registration with the Housing Corporation as Social Landlord.


Imani achieved Registered Social Landlord status in1987 enabling it to receive public funding developing its first owned properties available for letting in 1989. Imani Housing co-operative is now in it’s thirtieth year of operation as a Industrial and Provident Society and has continued to prove it’s worth as a small black community organisation working towards meeting the housing and development needs of it’s tenants and members. Imani Housing Co-op Ltd which now owns 95% of its housing stock comprising 52 new builds and rehab units, all charged at an affordable rate. Imani’s tenants are African and African/Caribbean in origin with 65% born in the UK.