We are an organisation made up from people who come together to meet their housing needs under co-operative principles.

Statement of Intent

A. Introduction

The production of the Statement of Intent offers stakeholders a guide to our core values and ambitions.
It describes the key principles by which the Management Committee and staff will carryout their respective duties

The Statement of Intent reflects the changing nature of social housing and the cooperative movement in the UK. In a time of rapid change, growing inequality and London becoming the premier global city of choice,it is an opportunity for Imani Housing Cooperative to fundamentally shift its focus to meet the challenges faced by its stakeholder now and in the future.

B. Values


to the cooperative ethos and principles a cultural awareness of the communities being served dedication to excellence in the provision and delivery of services openness and accountability to stakeholders
integrity, trust and fairness in all our actions adherence to declaring conflicts of interest professional conduct towards fellow members and stakeholders

promoting teamwork and collaborative learning
perseverance and drive in supporting the organisation social and political awareness in tackling
inequality being creative and seeking innovative solutions empowering members and stakeholders

C. Vision

To be a world class dynamic social enterprise that generates surpluses to reinvest in empowering the communities we serve

D. Mission

Social Enterprise

seek opportunities to create and support social enterprises that serve our communities ever changing needs

Financial Strength

seek business opportunities that will increase our income streams ensure our business model  is robust and generates surpluses to deliver our ambitions dedication to excellence in the provision and delivery of services
Empowering Communities
seek every opportunity to develop initiatives that improve the quality of life of our residents and empower individuals to be the best that they can be openness and accountability to stakeholders

Collaborative Consumption

to promote positive relationships and partnerships to advocate, secure and access resources to improve lives to share resources to maximise returns that benefit the communities we serve

E. Aims

to provide good quality permanent housing for the communities we serve to target our housing provision to those most in need, including the elderly, single parents,

homeless families and single people to facilitate the fullest participation by our members in the management of the organisation to develop our members potential and relevant skills through effective educational and training resources

to promote excellent relationships and work in partnership with other agencies, groups and individuals